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Just a few seeds sown.

Sonoma Micro Organics is our first attempt at what is seemingly becoming an undertaking mission to sow seeds of truth and awe about microorganisms, or microbes.

It's one thing to grow your own food and be able to call it organic, but are your plants happy or just surviving the landscape?

Soil, as a word, comes off basic and singular when it really is more of a "micro-universe" where plants and microbes do business in the rhizosphere! This is where our minds our focused. Soil doesn't need to be purchased from a store for many reasons, one being that you can't be for sure what it consists of. Research has shown us that microorganisms can feed on chemical nutrients, diesel fuel even. We are not saying soil from the store has diesel fuel in it but it purposefully is rich in chemical nutrients, like nitrogen, not derived organically. Plants can use the additives from the store-bought soil, and so can the microbes, but this causes competition in the rhizosphere that can promote disease and decline in microbial activity. Plants and the microorganisms of the soil are symbiotic for a very virtuous reason: Subsistence. It's amazing what goes on unnoticed naturally in this relationship which is why we strive to advance the microbe existence among humanity. We hope this message grows deep roots in agricultural practice and principles as each day another billion microbes could be saved! Soil erosion is an amazing and daunting thing to see at a glance, but at a microscopic level, it's like a "micro-apocalypse!"

Microbes matter!

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logan cervantes
logan cervantes
Apr 29, 2021

no till methods along with nitrogen fixing cover crops can be to defend against erosion at the same time feeding the microbes and amending the soil for next cycle of crops. SCIENCE!

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